White Nightstand


Meet The Decorator: Heather Norlock

Since a young age I was always passionate about interior decorating, I grew up with a mom in real estate and a dad in home construction. I would beg my mom to take me to showings and my dad to bring me to job sites. My parents would also often buy and renovate houses for resale and this sparked my life long passion for the industry. 

With both parents in the home industry I always knew I would follow in their footsteps and do something in home renovations/new builds. Even as a child I would spend hours watching HGTV and planning floor plans for my future dream home. As I got older I thought about getting my real estate license to partner with mom. I thought about joining a trade to work hands with my dad. But my passion was always in the functionality and beauty of a space.

I accepted my offer for the Interior Decorating program at Algonquin College in 2013 as I knew this was a challenging, competitive, exclusive and specialized program. Leaving The County was something very difficult for me, deciding to leave my friends and family to pressure my dreams was very scary. The program was hard and put my skills to the test. I learned so much from this program and they made sure to push us to reach our highest potential. I dedicated every minute of every day to thrive in this program.

Second year of the program I needed to start thinking about what I would do after graduation. Would I apply to firms in Ottawa? Would I change location and move to Toronto? Or would I return to my roots and venture back home to Prince Edward County? I always knew eventually I would start my own business as I always saw myself as an entrepreneur like my parents. I made the decision to move back to The County as it was around this time it was starting to boom. I figured there was soon to be a need for my service.

Upon returning to The County I would do some freelance work under my name but I dedicated most of my time trying to find a builder or designer to work for. I ended up being hired by a local builder where I made contacts and built up my confidence working in the industry. 

In mid 2019 I made the decision I was going to start my own business. I felt confident and motivated and knew this was something I needed to do. I started off slow, still working on getting my name out. 

In 2019 my company was hired as a subcontractor for Sandbank Homes Inc. working with clients and selecting all finishes for their new builds. Through word of mouth my company started flourishing, taking on more clients and developing my brand.

In January 2020 I made the decision to move my office out of my house and I signed a lease for an office at 1 Lake Street Picton. My office in Picton will be opening in mid March after some renovations and I am so excited for this new adventure.